3 Reasons To Be On The Millennial Trains Project

3 Reasons To Be On The Millennial Trains Project

The Millennial Trains Project or MTP, is a non-profit organization that leads 10-day journeys across the United States where passengers can participate in on-train seminars by distinguished mentors, workshops with local leaders, and participant-led projects. “We stop in 7 cities in 10 days. In each locality, passengers have 5-6 hours to advance a project that benefits, serves, and inspires others”(MTP). If you are passionate, love to travel, and want to make a difference for communities all over the U.S., here are three reasons you want to be on this train.

You are surrounded by people on the same mission as you.

Lions on a Mission

Have you ever noticed that you are energized and passionate when you’re around energetic and passionate people? Have you noticed that there are certain people you can carry an intellectual conversation with no work at all? On the Millennial Train you are surrounded by people that are committed to one thing: making a difference. The mentors, local leaders, and fellow participants are all supporting each other in contributing to the world. It’s a team of change-makers.

You get to see America’s frontier by train.


The next trip starts in Portland, OR and travels to New York, NY. On the way to New York you will pass through Seattle, WA, Whitefish, MT, St. Paul, MN, Milwaukee, WI, Detroit, MI, and Cleveland, OH. “As we pass through different states, terrains and cities, we gain a new-found understanding of the country and its boundless potential”(MTP). On each stop, you will apply your project to the specific community, impacting communities far beyond your network.

You will meet local innovators across the country.


The MTP organizes workshops in each city with local leaders, where participants can learn about local innovation. “Participants grow as leaders, add to their entrepreneurial and design skill sets, and co-create new ideas with fellow riders”(MTP). Networking across country is invaluable. With connections in states all across the U.S. your project can expand it’s impact beyond it’s typical reach.

Click here to apply. The application requires a description and a video. Once you are accepted you create a profile on the Millennial Trains own crowdfunding platform. The deadline is June 1st.

So here’s the question, can you raise $5,000 in one month?



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Written by Janneke J. Lang

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