The Social Good Guides: The Startup Social Entrepreneur Bible

The Social Good Guides: The Startup Social Entrepreneur Bible

The Social Good Summit in NYC held a workshop on Day 2 held by Shana Dressler founder of the Social Innovators Collective. Her mission is to empower dreamers by helping them develop the skills they need to make their social impact dreams come true.

The millennial generation is a generation of change-makers and dreamers. They are “driving an ever-growing trend of capitalism-with-a-conscience through their collective buying power of more than $200 billion annually and their deep-rooted desire to do good”(Christie Garton, Founder of UChic).

But Dressler says there is a major barrier to those who are committed to making a difference through business. Speaking from experience, she says, the major pitfall of the dreamer is the lack of business skills that are necessary to run a functioning business. Lacking business skills is not only a problem when trying to run a successful enterprise, but when working in the field of human impact, you also have people depending on you to stay in business.

Dressler is tackling this problem with her organization, the Social Innovators Collective and her series of handbooks called the Social Good Guides. The Social Good Guides are a 20-topic series that range from how to fund your social enterprise, to the importance of cultural sensitivity when working internationally. The Social Good Guides are comprehensive, step-by-step, and practical.

The Social Good Guides have the potential of being the foundation of the social entrepreneur movement, fostering dreamers to attain real skills in business, communications, funding, and planning.

The Social Good Guides are not yet available, but visit the website to sign the email list and be notified as soon as the project launches.

Written by Janneke J. Lang

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