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Helping Social Ventures Launch and Thrive

The Inspiring Enterprise is taking on huge problems: homelessness, water shortages, sustainability, and the housing crisis. But our solution is simple. Collaboration. We believe that we can influence social and environmental progress by connecting and fostering relationships between experienced mentors and professionals with innovative entrepreneurs.

We don’t stop there. We connect the capital too. The Inspiring Enterprise is committed to providing social entrepreneurs with the resources, expertise, and community support they need to succeed. By doing this, we can leverage business practices and models to effectively solve social and environmental issues and scale positive impact.

Community. Capital. Collaboration.

The Inspiring Enterprise is a 501(c)(3) CA nonprofit that launches for-profit and nonprofit startups solving critical social and environmental issues in Santa Cruz County. Through a 3-month accelerator program, startups attend weekly classrooms, receive one-on-one consulting with industry experts, and receive a custom website and company video. The Inspiring Enterprise prioritizes applicants working to solve four key issues: homelessness, water management, sustainability, and housing.

The Inspiring Enterprise graduated its first accelerator class on December 16, 2015 and is currently seeking mentors, professionals, and sponsors for the next accelerator program. Visit Accelerator, for more information about the Pilot Accelerator Program. If you are interested in being part of The Inspiring Enterprise, email

The Inspiring Enterprise